3 Strategies Seniors Can Use to Stay Healthy No Matter Their Age

16 Dec 2019 43 comments Morwenna Voss Categories Blog

There’s a direct correlation between aging and experiencing mental and physical ailments. This is a natural part of getting older that is unavoidable. However, it’s important to not give up on staying healthy altogether. There are several ways in which older individuals can ward off illnesses, aches, pains, and other age-related problems. Living a healthy lifestyle is just as important for seniors as it is for younger people. It’s never too late to start caring for your body. Here are three health-promoting strategies you can use today:

Eat nutritious food

It’s amazing how much food can impact our overall health and quality of life even into older age. Even after decades of making unhealthy eating choices, a senior will be able to see a stark change in their life when they start to eat nutritious foods rich in minerals and vitamins.

For seniors who are interested in eating healthier, fruits and vegetables aren’t the only options. Many people don’t realize that the human gut is full of tiny bacteria that contribute to our health. When seniors eat foods that jive with their guts, their overall health will benefit. Such foods include sourdough bread, almond milk, wild salmon, yogurt, and raw cheese.

You don’t have to cook all your own meals to reap these health benefits; as many seniors find it difficult to make healthy recipes. Here at mealsthattransform.com we offer age-appropriate meal plans for seniors. For example they might benefit from the 3 Day Zen or Dynamic Eating plans for a quick boost that leads to a permanent change to their eating habits.

Perform senior-friendly exercises

Exercising is an important component of any lifestyle regardless of age. The human body always benefits from movement. Of course, your workout routine as a senior will look different from that of younger age groups. Senior-friendly exercises will typically require moderate or low exertion and will only last for a short period of time. In general, any exercise or movement that requires exhaustive bursts of energy and sustained movement should be avoided.

Doctors, physical therapists, and nursing home staff members are great resources when looking for age-appropriate exercises as a senior. It’s important to remember that each individual will have certain movements that will help improve their unique situation. For example, a senior with neck pain may be asked to do neck rotations. Some general exercises that are good for seniors include knee lifts, arm circles, concentrated muscle contractions, and leg squeezes, just to name a few.

Take advantage of the Medicare system

The Medicare system has been in place for decades to help senior citizens stay healthy and lead a fulfilling life despite their age. Anyone at least 65 years old automatically qualifies for the myriad benefits offered through this program. As a U.S. citizen, a portion of your yearly taxes was always redirected to fund this program. If you’re of qualifying age, it’s your turn to reap the benefits of this contribution.

At first glance, the entire Medicare system can be quite daunting. Although there are many working parts, Medicare is generally divided into Part A and Part B insurance coverage. This is known as ‘original medicare’ and is a good starting point for covering the basics of medicare. Part A covers hospital insurance for emergency-related visits, while Part B usually covers medical insurance for regular doctor’s visits.

As a senior, it can be tempting to not try as hard to remain healthy. Some people wrongly assume that no positive changes in terms of health can happen past a certain age. In reality, the human body is always responsive to healthy patterns of behavior. Leading a healthy lifestyle can improve the overall quality of life for seniors of any age or physical condition.

By: Jason Lewis