Bone Broth Benefits

15 Dec 2018 no comments Angela Martindale Categories Blog

You’ve probably seen bone broth at your local grocery store or heard your wellness-enthusiast friends talk about its healing powers. But what is it, why is it different from the can of chicken broth or stock you buy for a dollar, and how can it benefit YOU?

Briefly, regular broth is made with with meat and a small amount of bones simmered together for up to a couple of hours. Stocks are made primarily with bones that are simmered for 3-4 hours. Bone broth is unique in that it is cooked over low heat for a very long period of time — up to 24 hours — to release the collagen and trace minerals found in bones and joints. As a result, bone broth is very rich in protein and minerals that support all kinds of critical functions in the body.

We recommend bone broth for a variety of reasons, conditions, and needs. Here are a few of the top benefits:

Bone broth is good for your bones. Seriously! Calcium and phosphorus are two of the minerals released during the cooking process, and both are important for bone growth and repair. Bone broth is especially beneficial for women with osteoporosis.

Bone broth optimizes digestion. Studies suggest that bone broth, particularly the collagen it contains, could repair damage to the digestive tract and aid the digestive process. A healthy digestive system equals better nutrient absorption, which equals better overall health!

Bone broth boosts immunity. White blood cells–the body’s disease fighters–are made in bone marrow. When bone broth is simmered for long periods of time, these cells break down and release components that could help regenerate or repair our own immune systems.

Bone broth is brain and mood food. Hormones found in bones help regulate brain and gland functions that contribute to memory and mood. The good-for-you fats found in bone broth also benefit our nervous system.

Questions about what bone broth can do for you? We’re here with the answers — get in touch today!

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