Music for Health and Wellness

Earlier this year, Team TRANSFORM announced our partnership with Genote, an evidence-based music streaming service that offers a customized health music platform. We're thrilled to say that Genote's customized MEALS THAT TRANSFORM protocols are now live and ready for listening!


Genote combines years of research on music and medicine, elite musicianship, and easy-to-use technology to create the first streaming service to offer evidence-based therapeutic music. Users receive customized music content based on an initial assessment and can select an area to target, such as sleep health or focus.

As part of our TRIBE, head over to and use the code YrX7Wr for a free one-week trial and access to the very best in therapeutic music. We are so excited to have this amazing partnership to offer to all of you! 

It's All About Community

Here at MEALS THAT TRANSFORM, we talk a lot about community, how it takes a village, how to be our best selves, we must be open to receiving support from those around us. We have to love ourselves first, of course, and then allow our friends and family to be there for us too. 

Team TRANSFORM is incredibly blessed to have a great support system. Our staff, our clients, our families, and our friends near and far make us what we are today. We are, first and foremost, a small local business, and we're at our best when we partner with others in the greater Salt Lake community who share our commitment to health and wellness. We are so excited to announce that our TRIBE is growing! 

Here are all the places you can find the OM POWER brand: 

Salt Lake Power Yoga

CorePower Yoga (all locations)

Dr. Stockwell & Associates

Just Organic Juice

Water & Wellness 

The Front SLC

Epic Fitness

Drive Personal Performance Center

We're so happy to welcome our new partners and appreciate the continued support of those we've been working with for years. Check them out for all of your personal wellness needs! 

If you're interested in partnering with OM POWER and joining our amazing community, get in touch today. 

MAN, I LOVE THIS LIFE! Lessons from Summer Break

I love summer. I love wearing swimsuits and flip flops, hanging by the pool, hiking in the mountains, basking in the heat—all of it. Like a lizard, I would lay on a rock and soak up the heat all day if I could.

Back in July, I had the opportunity to take a vacation, most of which I spent wearing only a bathing suit. As I sat by the pool watching people of all shapes and sizes enjoying themselves, I realized that I am so grateful for this life and this body. I have been through so much in the last eight years. I was hit by a car, which left me injured and then frustrated with the healing process. My fitness modeling career ended, I gained over 25 pounds, my adrenals crashed, and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. This was a huge blow for someone who is supposed to be a wellness expert. I felt like I was doing everything right, but the stress broke down my mind and body.

It has taken me more than four years of hard work, dedication, and patience to come back from that. Back in January, I vowed that 2017 would be MY YEAR. MY TIME. I am happy to say that I am on the other side of all the pain and frustration. I lost 18 of the 25 pounds I gained, and I can finally look at my body and be proud of what I have accomplished.

Here’s how I got to where I am today:   

  • I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Cuba with Ballet West in November 2016. Two days before departure, I was in the worst pain I had felt in 8 years. I tried my regular routine of restorative yoga, breathing, and massage. I boarded the plane in hopes I would make it through the 10-day trip.
  • The holidays were hard, but I was finding a better balance between good and bad days.  
  • In January, I vowed to continue to search for a solution. I also committed more time to myself.
  • I started attending two restore yoga classes a week, utilizing the steam room and meditation twice a week, and focusing on one quality cardio session. I followed my MEALS THAT TRANSFORM menu 7 days a week and stayed strong when I was tempted to deviate from my plan.
  • As I got stronger and felt better, I committed to two cardio sessions, one CorePower sculpt class, one day of steam room and meditation, and one flow yoga class per week. I modified when I needed to and was never afraid to be the only one in the room doing my own thing.
  • I am still the one in class doing my own thing at my own pace. As a result, I feel stronger and beautiful in my skin.
  • I also continued my commitment to self-care with regular visits to my naturopath Dr. Todd Cameron for blood work and vitamin drips, my NUCCA chiropractor Dr. Jack Stockwell, and my massage therapist Julie.
  • As spring and summer approached, my workouts and meal plan changed again to avoid plateaus in progress. I went to sculpt classes, did cardio three days a week, and added one meditation yoga flow. I increased my weights, sometimes did two workouts in a single day, and continued to move at my own pace. I listened to my body and dropped the negative self-talk. I created my I AM mantras and stuck to my schedule.  

So what’s the result of all this hard work?

I have more energy, my skin looks better, my body composition has changed, my butt is higher, and my stomach is flat. I can see the tone in my muscles, and my balance is stable.

I am so grateful for all my incredible doctors, including my naturopath and chiropractors; my massage therapist, my family and friends, my staff, and my amazing husband for all the support and knowledge. I could not have done it without all of you.

We all need support and love. Love is what pushed me to get better and to keep going through the pain and the headaches. Love pushed me to look differently at myself and my body. Self-love, positive self-talk, grit, and gratitude are things I had to harness during this process. Love brought me to that day by the pool and allowed me to see my body with new eyes.

I know how hard it can be to truly cultivate self-love and gratitude, but I am a testament to how important it is in the healing process and in achieving our goals.

As we move into fall, what do you want to achieve, create, and commit to in your life? What have you accomplished, big or small, in the last eight months?


Eat Well, Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the most crucial components of good health. It affects nearly every area of our lives—from our ability to concentrate at work to the way we treat our kids. By now you’ve probably heard of good sleep hygiene, bedtime routines, and daily sleep requirements (sleep experts recommend eight to ten hours). But did you know that what you eat every day can have a huge impact on how you sleep? Yes—food affects how we feel in so many ways!

Here are a few of our favorite things to eat and drink (or avoid) when we’re trying to get that coveted good night’s sleep.

Eat This:

Protein and Good-for-You Fats

We tend to gravitate toward sugar at night (after-dinner sweet tooth, anyone?) but that dessert that tastes great will actually keep you awake. If you’re hungry after dinner, choose a small quantity of something that will satiate you and limit extreme spikes in blood sugar. We like avocado with a hard-boiled egg, a handful of nuts or OM POWER MIX, or a snack-size OM POWER PROTEIN shake.


Fatty fish is a great choice for a sleep-inducing dinner. According to a study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, fish (especially tuna, salmon, and halibut) contain vitamin B6, which is essential in the production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone found naturally in the body.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is an herb that people have used for centuries to treat various medical complaints. German chamomile can be used to treat wounds, abscesses, psoriasis, diaper rash, eczema, and even chicken pox. It is commonly used as a poultice or diffused in a bath. Chamomile tea, specifically, has also been proven to aid in sleep. Chamomile has natural calming properties and can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Not That:


Caffeine’s chief responsibility is to wake you up and give you energy, so it probably comes as no surprise that experts suggest you avoid it close to bedtime. But how close? Most recommendations advise that you stop your caffeine consumption at least six to eight hours before trying to fall asleep.

(Too Much) Water

We LOVE water, and hydration is so important to our overall wellbeing. However, middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom are not very fun, and it can be hard to fall back to sleep afterwards. Refrain from drinking lots of fluid right before bedtime, and you’ll have a greater chance of avoiding those sleep-disturbing bathroom trips.


Alcohol can be deceiving—at first glance, it helps you fall asleep faster. However, those who consume alcohol before bed are much more likely to wake in the middle of the night and be unable to fall back asleep. It can also cause you to wake feeling as if you haven’t rested at all due to its interference with REM sleep, the restorative component of the sleep cycle. If you’re going to imbibe, enjoy one glass of wine with dinner at least a few hours before you attempt sleep.

Spicy Foods

If your stomach can’t take the heat, it’s probably best to avoid it before bedtime. Spicy foods can cause an overproduction of stomach acids, which can lead to a lot of discomfort when lying down. If you like it hot, it might be best to save your spicy dishes for lunch so your stomach has time to settle before you lay down in your bed.

If You Still Can’t Sleep

If you've cleaned up your evening eating habits and sleep still eludes you, not to worry. Try these other sleep-promoting strategies:

  1. Purchase blackout curtains. Light coming in through the window can upset your circadian rhythm. Luckily, light-blocking curtains can help fix that.

  2. Upgrade your mattress. Experts recommend changing your mattress every eight years to avoid pain and poor sleep. There are plenty of comfortable and affordable mattresses on the market, or you can opt for a lower-cost mattress topper.

  3. Use a white noise app. Noise can be distracting as you're trying to sleep, but a white noise app can help you block out distracting sounds. Some apps offer a huge selection of relaxing sounds.

A few changes in your sleep environment, combined with a sleep-friendly diet, will get you well on your way to a great night’s sleep. Sweet dreams, Transformers!

Wellness Tips for Your Best Vacation Yet

Summer is more than halfway gone, but you still have time for a vacation (or two). One of the most common concerns we hear is about how to stay healthy when surrounded by indulgences. With a little bit of planning and commitment to your goals, it is 100 percent possible to maintain your healthy lifestyle on vacation.

Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks:

BYO Snacks: I always have OM POWER BARS and OM POWER MIX with me, whether I’m in the car, on the plane, or in all-day work meetings. Keeping my glove compartment, purse, and gym bag stocked means I always have something I can munch on when hunger strikes. I also never leave home without my MEALS THAT TRANSFORM cooler filled with meals and snacks for the day. Check out our post on smart snacking for more ideas.

Always Carry Protein: I know it’s nearly impossible to pack egg whites and chicken breast in your suitcase, so I recommend tossing in a few snack-size OM POWER PROTEIN shakes instead. I make a quick stop at a convenience or grocery store when I arrive at my destination to pick up water and almond milk to have in my room as mixers. Snack shakes are a great 10-gram protein punch if you’re waiting on friends and family between meals—after I shower and get ready, I prepare and drink a protein shake and then am able to wait for everyone to get ready without getting too cranky. No one wants a mood swing right before dinner.

Pack Smart: Sun protection is a top priority for vacation, so I never leave home without a great floppy hat, a basketball cap, sunscreen, a cover-up, and a big bag to carry to the pool, beach, gym, or spa. I also bring lotion, lip balm, a selection of my favorite Violet Love headbands, and a fitness magazine. Finally, I always carry floss and a toothbrush in case I am out all day so I can freshen up and be ready for whatever my hubby wants to do next.

You CAN Eat Well: Whether I’m at a pool, a hotel, or a resort, I can always find something healthy on the menu—and if I can’t, I ask. I was recently in Vegas at the pool. Despite the typical poolside fare of burgers and fries, I ordered a grilled chicken breast with a side of avocado and a mouth-watering feta and watermelon salad. It was so good that I ordered it the next day as well. It was light, full of flavor, and packed with protein and good fats, which kept me going all day in conjunction with my other snacks.

Move It: I exercise every day that I am on vacation. I don't care if you do lunges around the pool, go to the gym in the morning, or swim and do water aerobics. Moving will boost your mood, sweating releases toxins if you overindulge, and it feels GOOD. I did pushups and leg lifts, jumped rope, and swam every day when I was in Vegas. The bonus? I also got a little sun-kissed glow under my floppy hat.  

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate: My hubby is a bit of tea connoisseur. Before we left for our summer vacation, he made two large thermoses of our favorite green matcha tea. We sipped on that and water with ionic salts everyday. It kept us cool and hydrated all day—this is especially important if you’re spending time out in the sun!

Enjoy yourself and have a healthy, beautiful rest of your summer!

Your biggest fans in health and wellness,

Angela and Team TRANSFORM