With Gratitude for 2016

Team TRANSFORM is kicking into high gear for the holiday season, and we’d like to express our gratitude to our clients, readers, and friends—from our TRIBE TRANSFORMATION participants to those thousands of miles away who have committed to improving their own health and wellness—for allowing us to be part of so many life-changing transformations this year.

We want to share these words from Naomi Sodomin, a valued client and great friend. Naomi has completely changed the course of her life by doing the self-reflection and hard work it takes to move from a place of darkness and frustration to one of light and love.

Yesterday I spent the day thinking about you. The reason I spent the day thinking about you is because of where I've been and where I am today. This was the same young woman who hated the color of her skin, her nose, her hair, and her entire existence. My biggest goal from the time I was fifteen until I started listening to you was to make enough money go to Los Angeles and get my nose done along with a few other things.

Today I'm comfortable in my skin. I love who I am and I credit a lot of that to you. I think a lot about your work and how Your gifts have really transformed my life.

And as I'm building Embrace The Mirror I think about the powerful and strong role models like you who paved the way for me.

Words cannot explain the debt of my gratitude for the work you are doing. I landed my own radio show on Blog Talk Radio. A lot happen when you say I am these are the two most powerful words. Thank you for teaching me that. Now my five year old son gets up every morning and says his I am. Passing down the tradition. Not only you changed my life but you’re changing his life as well. 

YOU—all of you—are the driving force behind MEALS THAT TRANSFORM. Whether you are years into your journey or are just considering making a change, we’re here for you. We’d love to hear your story and know how we can support you on the path to life-changing health and wellness. Thank you for such an incredible 2016—we can’t wait for what next year has in store!


Your biggest fans and friends in wellness,