All Dressed Up on KUTV2 Fresh Living Show

Transform Dressing Takes Center Stage on the Fresh Living Show

Memorial Day is getting closer which means Summer BBQ's and picnics are just around the corner! If you are ready to try something unique to spark up your salads, Meals That Transform had just the thing for you-our zesty organic signature house dressing! The best part of a summer salad is the flavor of specialty home-made dressings, which you can craft in your own kitchen with just a few basic ingredients, a quick which or shake in a blender bottle, and a drizzle over your gorgeous greens.

meals That Transform President, Angela Martindale suggests using flavored olive oils as a base, adding a flavored vinager, lime and or lemon, along with salt and pepper for a smooth dressing that you can customize into your own unique recipe.  "Dressings are so easy to make. Why buy them from off the store shelf, where they might have been sitting there for months, packed with preservatives and losing their flavor potency, when you can make delicious, healthy and tangy dressing fresh every time you serve a salad," says Angela of DIY recipes. 

Check Angela out on KUTV2 sharing her recipes with show hosts Debbie and Casey earlier this month: Dress Up Your Salads with Angela Martindale