Protein Power

Let's talk about protein. We're a carb-loving society, but did you know that lean protein is a critical part of our diet because it provides the key nutrients we need to be vibrant and healthy? Our hair, nails, skin, bones, and teeth are all protein. Key vitamins, branch amino acids, and minerals found in protein-rich foods help build and strengthen our internal organs, cells, and tissues and boost our immunity, energy levels, and mood. 

When and how do I consume protein, you ask? There are two key times of day to focus on protein. The first is upon waking after you have fasted for 7-8 hours. Consuming a protein shake (see below!) or another source of lean protein, such as egg whites, can put a stop to your body's tendency to break down muscle tissue for fuel when fasted. The second critical window is immediately following a resistance or weight-training workout. During this 30-60 minute post-workout window, your muscles are like sponges that take up nutrients very quickly to aid in repair and recovery. Your body also utilizes carbs more efficiently during this period, so including some simple carbohydrates with your protein shake or meal will help the body better absorb nutrients. 

OM POWER PROTEIN is a favorite at MEALS THAT TRANSFORM (we may be biased, but hey) because it is made from organic, grassfed whey and brown rice protein; contains no lactose, sugar, soy, or casein; and tastes DELISH. Try a scoop in your morning oatmeal, shaken with coconut or almond milk, or in a nutrient-packed smoothie. We're sharing our favorite recipe below. Enjoy!





8 ounces water, almond milk, or coconut milk

Ice cubes (depending on how thick you want your shake)

1 tablespoon hemp oil, flax seed oil, or ground flax seed

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 raw egg (optional)

1 scoop chia seeds (optional)

Handful of spinach

Variety for flavor

Fresh or frozen berries (your choice)

1 heaping tablespoon OM POWER BUTTER


Pour all liquids into blender and mix as you add protein powder. Add the rest of your preferred ingredients and blend well. Serve immediately.