The Importance of a Seasonal Cleanup

In our last post, we talked about self-care practices to stay well as the season moves from summer to fall. But did you know that your health and wellbeing are dependent on more than just your body and mind? 

Yes, that's righta change in season is the perfect time to get your home and finances in order. Organizing, detoxifying, reducing clutter, and checking off to-do list items can reduce stress and help you eat and sleep better. Cleaning your desk, raking up leaves, and recycling old magazines actually can improve your physical and emotional health


This weekend, take a few hours to set yourself up for success. Organize your bills, complete a few seasonal home maintenance tasks, and pick up the piles of kids' toys or clothes scattered around your house. Set aside time every week to maintain the organizational system you create. When you're done, make a cup of tea and reward yourself with a CHIYOGAFLOW session, a quiet meditation, or even a date with your partner or a friend! 

Your biggest fans in health and wellness, 

Angela and Team TRANSFORM