Happy Self-Love Day!

We're all about love at MEALS THAT TRANSFORM. We love wellness. We love healthy, nourishing food. We love our clients and supporters and doing everything we can to help them (you!) be their best selves. We're able to give this love to others because we love ourselves. 

Self-love often gets lost amid professional and family obligations and all the day-to-day responsibilities we have to keep our lives running smoothly and to take care of those around us. But self-love is critical to our wellbeing and, in turn, allows us to show up bigger for our families, friends, and loved ones. Consider the oxygen mask demonstration on an airplane -- you put yours on before helping others.  Practice self love first, often, always!

That all sounds good, right? But how? Start simple. Get up ten minutes earlier, make yourself a cup of tea, and spend a few moments meditating, quietly reflecting, or journaling. Write down a few I AM affirmations. If that's not your thing, make a list of activities or practices that make you happy but that you may currently consider indulgences. A weekly pedicure? A Sunday night bath? An extra yoga class or run or group training session? A monthly date with a close friend? A little help getting dinner on the table? Whatever it is, make the time, commit the resources, and ask for support from your family, friends, and community. 

Another form of self-love is being body-positive. Just like scheduling self-care, how we view ourselves is a choice. Choose to see the good in yourself. Choose to see the value you bring to the world. Choose to take care of your body, mind, and being. You are amazing -- your body is amazing, your brain is amazing, and you deserve all the love and care you can give yourself. 

Happy Self-Love Day -- today and every day!

Your biggest fans in health and wellness, 

Angela and Team TRANSFORM