Personal Wellbeing, Professional Growth

At MEALS THAT TRANSFORM, we are all about empowerment. Personal and professional growth. Whole-brain and whole-body wellness. We talk a lot about nutrition and exercise, but many other aspects of our lives impact our wellbeing.

For example: 

1. We all need support to reach our goals. We're often led to believe that we have to be, do, and have it all and that being anything less than perfect is the same as failing. 

Guess what? We CAN do and be all we want to be, with the love and support of those around us—our village. We often hinder our own growth by thinking we can’t, or shouldn’t, ask for help; a pattern that leaves us tired and unable to fulfill completely any of our roles. But it’s ok to ask for help and to delegate. You don’t have to take on the world alone or know everything. If you seek knowledge, support, and advice from others, you’ll experience success in all aspects of your life.

Angela recently compiled her top four ways to find support in your life. Check out the full story over at SharpHeels, and know that your village is your strong foundation for any growth you are seeking! 

2. The secret to jumpstarting your career, whether you are new to the professional world or changing paths, is to define your goals and then embody who and what you aspire to be! Oh, and please take care of your body and brain along the way. 

No matter where you are in your career, let your light shine through! You can do and be anything you want. You are inherently capable and empowered to reach all of your goals. The most important action you can take is to be authentically YOU — your best self. If the specific job or career path you aspire to is the right fit, this will come naturally. 

More tips and tricks for career growth over at SharpHeels. We're here to support you in every aspect of your growth, so let us know how we can help!

Your biggest fans in health and wellness, 

Angela and Team TRANSFORM