Spring Green

April showers bring May flowers -- isn't that the saying? Team TRANSFORM is watching and cheering along Utah's transition into spring: the snow is melting, the rain is falling, and the grass is slowly turning green, which means it's time to get outside! 

Fresh air is good for the body and soul, yes, and with Earth Day around the corner, this is also the perfect opportunity to boost your eco-consciousness. Here are a few of our favorite ways to "green" our routine: 

1. Take an outdoor lunch break. Do you eat lunch hunched over your keyboard? Step away from your desk! Take at least 10 minutes for yourself--sit quietly, meditate, read, eat, or go for a walk--and you'll be happier, more energized, less stressed, and more productive for the rest of your day. 

2. Try eco-conscious exercise. Opt outside! Research suggests that running outside instead of on a treadmill saves the same amount of energy spent washing a load of laundry--plus you'll get much-needed fresh air and vitamin D (see #4 below). Try rollerblading, hiking, or walking around your neighborhood or office building. 

3. Choose sustainable gear. More and more companies are offering eco-friendly equipment and apparel to fit your workout. For example, Prana and Manduka create their yoga mats from recycled, nontoxic material, and many athleisure brands use hemp, organic cotton, and recycled fabrics in their clothing. 

4. Soak up the sun--within reason. Sunshine is good for the brain and for the body, especially if you spent a long winter indoors. As you transition into spring and summer activities, protect yourself from overexposure. Wear sunscreen and protective layers, keep your sunglasses and a hat handy, and avoid long outside stints in the middle of the day. 

See you outside!

Your biggest fans in health and wellness, 

Angela and Team TRANSFORM