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Person 2 Person: Angela Martindale

(KUTV) Angela Martindale is a Utah native and nutrition and fitness expert who has worked around the world with different celebrities. She decided to bring the “star treatment” back to Utah and created “Meals that Transform,” as well as other healthy-living programs.

Martindale was born with a port-wine stain birthmark that covered much of her face. As a result, she was bullied throughout much of elementary school and junior high. But her family provided a good foundation for her. “I was raised with parents who told me I was beautiful, ” she said. Her parents didn’t let her wear make up until she was in 8th grade. “I think that was really good for me,” Martindale said. “They wanted me to feel comfortable in my own skin.”

Martindale says she also grew up eating a very unhealthy diet. She was very active–she was a gymnast and a diver–but that didn’t erase her eating habits. “There was a time I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs,” she said. “I got really sick.”

When she was 17 years old, she decided it was time to change. So she started eliminating things from her diet and eventually became a personal trainer at 18. She was also inspired while hanging out with body builders. “They were really looking into their food and what they were putting into their bodies,” Martindale said. “I just said, ‘This is it. I want to change people’s lives.'”

She attended the School of Integrated Nutrition in New York City, where she learned about different diets. And she eventually went on to work with celebrities like Katie Couric and model Carla Collado.

Martindale came back to Utah after enduring an abusive relationship for five years. “It consumed me,” she said. She would give positive advice and direction to her clients during the day, but then would get home and be beaten by her husband. “It was like I was living two different lives.”

Martindale ended up living in a stair well for a time to try and get away from him. “I didn’t want to give up on my clients in New York City. I didn’t want to give up my life there, but I had to,” she said. She left in the middle of the night and came back to Salt Lake City to rebuild her life.

She created the meal-delivery service “Meals that Transform” and founded “Chi Yoga Flow,” as well as the “Ultimate Transformation Series.”

Martindale’s mantra is “I am.” She often tells herself “I am strong” among other positive things. “I think it’s so important for us to have positive talk,” she said. “You’re your biggest advocate. You’re your biggest cheerleader.”

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Angela Martindale describes her work with celebrities

(KUTV) Angela Martindale is known around the world for her work with celebrities.

She described her time with the stars to Shauna Lake. “I was their babysitter,” she said, laughing.

She often lived with them and had to keep an eye on every move so they would stay healthy.

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Angela Martindale on “Meals that Transform”

(KUTV) Angela Martindale started “Meals that Transform” here in Utah, which she says has range of clients–from athletes, to families, to people who just want to be healthy.

She told Shauna Lake the story of one man who joined the program with his family.

“It literally changed the way he deals with his family, the way that he deals with his kids,” she said. “I love that. I love watching people transform.”

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Angela Martindale says eating well isn’t a “fad”

(KUTV) Many people think that some diet and nutrition plans are just a fad or phase.

Angela Martindale doesn’t think her method fits that description and says people should feed their bodies “live” food every day.

“This body is an ecosystem,” she said. “And we have to feed that ecosystem.”

Martindale says it’s important that people understand their bodies. “If we don’t stop what we’re doing, we’re going to see this epidemic of obesity continue.”

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