5 Ways You Can Make Your New Workout Stick

22 Jul 2019 49 comments Morwenna Voss Categories Blog

Sticking with a new fitness routine is tough.  Why? Because you are out of your comfort zone. Our bodies get so used to the same workout cycle that after a while we simply go on auto-pilot. We don’t even think about pushing ourselves a little more because what we’ve been doing so far has worked – until it doesn’t anymore. Adding a new fitness activity or workout 2x’s a week keeps the brain guessing about what muscle group you are going to utilize to burn calories with-it’s like a fitness shock! Surprising even the smallest muscle that may have been underworked, by waking it up all of a sudden can make a big difference in how good you feel and look!

Although sticking to that new workout when you are out of your comfort zone and feeling sore can be hard, there are some practical tips that can help you have fun while committing to staying with it for great results.

1.Fitness Sampling in 10 min increments.

Fitness as an industry has blossomed into a custom lifestyle for each participant, allowing you to choose from an array of cardio and muscle building options such as; Zumba, Treadmill and Stair Master Classes, Pilates, Belly Dancing, Barre Class, Salsa dancing, Swim, Agility Training, Racquetball, Hot Yoga, Kick Boxing, Surfing, Tai Chi, Bali Dancing, Weight Training and even Pole Dancing (just to name a few).  Simply adding a new activity into your current workout routine for 10 minutes can give your brain and body the boost it’s looking for to maximize your fitness. Try a new activity for just 10-15 minutes 2x’s a week to see if you like it, before spending a whole hour doing something you don’t enjoy.  Think of it like fitness sampling and have fun seeing what works for you & what doesn’t.

2. Commit and Be Accountable. 

Once you have picked the additional fitness activity you want to engage in, commit to doing it just 2x’s a week in place of your normal workout circuit.  Hold yourself accountable for your participation in it. Choose a different power word for each day and set alerts on your phone with positive text reminders that say, “I Am (insert power word).  Repeat the phrase 10x’s, 3x’s a day for a positive boost to your self-confidence as you pump yourself up to attack the new endeavor. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking when undertaking a new lifestyle addition. 

3. Recruit A Fitness Friend.

Experiencing something new is always more fun with a friend! There is strength in numbers, so find a friend (at the gym, in another city, or even another state) that might want to change up their fitness routine too and invite them to sample different exercises with you. Then choose one together that you both like. Hold each other accountable by setting a time each day to engage in the workout and positively motivate one another to keep going either personally, or through text, facetime, Google hangout, skype and/or social media (and be honest).  If you know someone else is counting on your dependability, than you are much more likely to step up to the challenge.

4. Warm-Up and Stretch Out

Working new muscle groups means new places to feel sore! Help reduce the level of muscle fatigue and tightness by making sure to incorporate a good slow 5-10 minute warm-up and cool-down stretching routine, both before and after your new activity. General warm-up and stretching routines will not only help your mind make the transition into the activity, but it will tell your heart that it’s time to wake up and work prior to the workout, and tell your lungs that it’s time to slow down, breathe and transition after the workout as you attack your day!  Breathing correctly from the abdomen during workouts, will also help prevent post workout soreness and cramping. Incorporating a simple yoga routine is a great way to balance breathing, warm-up and stretch out all at the same time!

5. Eat Well and Hydrate.

When you start something new, you most likely will be working different muscles than your body is used to. Plan to refuel your body for the additional calories you will be burning, and hydrate your body so you can replenish the salt you sweat out, keep your muscles from cramping and help your metabolism stay on track. Fueling your body correctly means less fatigue, better metabolism burn and more energy! Include a clean, organic and dairy/sugar/gluten-free post workout protein drink that has 30 g. of protein, and drink it either 30 minutes before the workout, or 30 minutes after the workout.  You can make a great tasting smoothie with superfoods to maximize the way you fuel and oxidize your body for ultimate health and repair too. The smoothie I recommend as a nutritionist, for all of my clients, is listed below:

The OM POWER Smoothie:

·         1-2 scoops of OM Power Protein
·         4 oz. water, almond or coconut milk
·         Ice cubes (depends on how thick you     
          want the shake)
·         1 tbsp. hemp oil, flax seed oil or ground
          flax seed
·         1 tbsp. coconut oil
·         1 raw egg (optional)
·         1 scoop of chia seeds (optional)
·         Handful of spinach
·         Fresh or frozen berries (your choice)
·         1 heaping tbsp. of OM POWER Butter (nut butter)

Directions: Pour all liquid in the blender first.  Then start to mix as you pour in the protein powder, then add all ingredients and serve immediately!

These practical tips are easy ways to engage, commit and maximize all that your body can do for you while making fitness fun! 

Angela Martindale