At Meals That Transform, we use fundamental and practical aspects of traditional (Eastern) and modern (Western) approaches to nutrition. We help individuals awaken and honor the ultimate process of transformation in their mind, body, being, and life. Through innovative, personal nutritional development, energy, dedication, and commitment, we teach our clients how to effectively implement a real life change in how they eat, how they move, and how they feel.


We will evolve the future of nutrition, movement, body awareness and lifestyle by encouraging, cultivating and promoting healthful foods, productive movement and creating a balanced lifestyle, using both traditional (Eastern) and modern (Western) methods. Our clients learn how to effectively use and share this important, life-changing information with friends, family and the general public. Our clients become empowered to be the change they want first and then to reach out and touch many lives.

Meals That Transform is committed to the idea that if we stand and speak up for what we know to be true, a ripple effect will occur that will dramatically improve health and wellness in our community and throughout the world.


Angela Martindale

Director of Nutrition and Lifestyle, Founder and Ultimate Transformation Guru


Angela Martindale is the president of Utah-based MEALS THAT TRANSFORM, producer of the 16-week Ultimate Transformation lifestyle series, and creator of CHIYOGAFLOW. She is a graduate of the School of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and a world-renowned expert in exercise science, kinesiology, and biomechanics. Angela has garnered an impressive 16,000 clients and more than 54,000 clinical hours, making her a highly respected and in-demand nutritionist and fitness expert.

After working for many years as a celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist to some of Hollywood’s most elite A-list actors and actresses, Olympic athletes, and renowned business moguls, Angela now shares her expertise with nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle clients both locally and nationwide. A native Utahn, she has been voted Salt Lake City’s #1 Trainer and Best Wellness Coach. She serves more than 70,000 fresh, organic, GMO, and gluten-free custom meals annually to clients through her nutrition services company, MEALS THAT TRANSFORM. She currently contributes lifestyle and wellness content to The Active Times, The Good Men Project, SharpHeels, and Everyday Power Blog. She also appears regularly as a guest expert on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC affiliate stations, as well as Park City TV, to offer insightful and educational nutrition and wellness tips for individuals, families, companies, and community groups. 


Joe DiMeo

Director of  Transform Culinary Team


A native of northeastern Pennsylvania, Joe DiMeo brought his love of cooking to Salt Lake City and has emerged as one of the most desired chefs in the area.  Featured in magazines such as: “Best Lunch” (Salt Lake Magazine) at Pago; New York Times special edition of “36 hours in SLC”; Utah’s Revolv Magazine and “Best New Discovery” in City Weekly Magazine at The Garage on Beck. Joe specializes in a variety of cuisine styles, ranging from high-end fine dining fare to traditional American and ethnic home cooking, which has earned him the reputation of being one of the most creative chefs in the Valley.

As a recent Westminster College graduate in Philosophy with the distinction of magna cum laude, Joe has garnered a reputation for his hard work not only in academic studies, but also as a sous chef and manager, paving the way for his highly respected consultation services with multiple restaurants.  As a new father and husband, he can often be found in his home kitchen, creating delicious dishes for his family and friends, in the garden with his daughter listening to a New York Mets game on the radio, or attempting to paint the outdoors with his lovely wife.


Stacy Peterson

Director of Operations


Stacy is a self-professed foodie, lover of nature and life in general. She has spent the last 16 years in the hospitality industry. She is a person that takes extreme pride in what she does.  Stacy is someone that sees the bright side in every situation and is a happy person who exudes that attitude to everyone around her. Stacy graduated from Mesa College with a degree in Nutrition. She worked at the world-renowned Catamaran Resort and Spa as the front desk Manager, and then created the position of Nutrition Director.  As part of her duties, she coached fellow employees about the importance of a healthy diet, revamped the employee cafeteria into a world of food knowledge, and worked with the Executive Chef and his team to create healthy dishes.  She also created a walking club amongst the company’s sister properties to further promote health and wellness.  “Through this experience I gained more compassion and patience, and a desire to help people through this process moving forward,” Stacy stated in a recent interview. She is now Transform’s Director of Operations and also participates in Transform’s Culinary Team, where her knowledge and experience will be valued and used to its highest capacity. She is here to take our clients feedback and make their transformation experience better. Billing, questions about our services and client comments that help us create a path to life-changing health and wellness is all part of her area of expertise. Stacy’s free time includes running, biking, hiking, and cooking for loved ones.  Whenever she finds free time, she jumps at the opportunity to go camping.